We invest in industry research, data & customer analytics, enabling us to add strategic insight & advice in all phases of the pursuit lifecycle: positioning, tendering & converting.



We help clients to sharply define their strategic story, improve alignment with customers & position themselves as industry leaders of choice in key markets.



We drive strategic success by helping clients to uplift their win rate, increase their revenue base & target better opportunities with improved top line margins & bottom line risks.


Using our win rates as benchmarks, we form strategic partnerships with clients & link our profitability to their success. This creates the conditions for true collaboration, outperformance & market leadership.


We partner with businesses on the move.
Businesses looking to launch, grow, converge or open up new markets.
Teams who have worked hard to condition their strategy, brand and culture for success.
Once that high-performance mindset exists, we add our unique skills to their capabilities and form collaborative and commercially aligned partnerships.